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One chance to succeed!


We will be pleased to coach you to take part in your race and meet the requirements of a Swiss driver's license.


Do not delay practicing with a driving instructor, as this exam is of great importance! We advise you to take a theory course to understand the Swiss rules and explain what you expect from the exams.


When is the race under control?

When you come from a country that has not made a mutual recognition agreement with Switzerland to exchange its foreign license for a Swiss license without examination. The list of countries or nationals must make a check race is available to the auto services, and can be updated at any time.


What is the use of a control race?

This examination is used to determine whether the fitness or qualifications required for driving are sufficient.


How does the race run?

The person has a maximum year to complete the exam. The date and time may be set by the Automotive Service. It takes place early in the morning around 7:15 am.


You have to come on time (15 min in advance), because if you forget to introduce yourself, and you do not have a valid excuse, the exam is considered unsuccessful.


Bring the following papers:


  • Valid and original ID
  • Photo passport compliant
  • Vehicle paper


The expert shall ensure that the person knows the rules of the road and is able to safely drive vehicles of the categories for which the permit should be valid.


Consequences of a successful or failed control race?

If the examination is successful, the holder of a valid foreign national permit will receive a Swiss driver's license.


If, on the contrary, there is a failure, the control race can not be repeated and the license will be withdrawn or the use of the foreign permit will be prohibited. The person must apply for a student driver's license and start all over again.


That is to say to apply for a student's license and pass all the theoretical and practical exams etc ... like someone who has never led a life.



Which vehicle can I apply for?

You can do your exam on a so-called "automatic" or "manual" car, that's the same and if the exam is said to be successful, it will validate your driver's license as you obtained it at the base.


Caution, electric hand brake vehicles, as well as those that do not have the hand brake accessible by the expert are not allowed to take the exam. Be sure to present yourself, with your valid ID, your call and with a vehicle in good working condition of the correct category.


If the holder of a license is furthermore authorized to drive motor cycles, no other control race shall be required for that category./p>



How much will a test run cost me?/h3>

A practical exam to assess your ability to drive you will be charged for categories:

A, A25kW, A1

  • CHf 100.-


B, BE, B1, F, TPP 121

  • CHf 130.-


C, CE, C1, C1E, D1, D1E

  • CHf 190.-



  • CHf 250.-


Safety Race

  • CHf 190.-


The safety control race may be imposed following doubts as to the ability to drive. Either following an accident, a handicap, a lack of knowledge of the rules of circulation, problems of dependence, psychic problems etc ...


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