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Etape 1

Déposer une demande
de permis d'élève au SAN

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Etape 2

Réussir son
examen théorique

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Etape 3

S’inscrire au cours de sensibilisation
et conduire un maximum d’heures

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Etape 4

Passer son examen pratique
et fêter son permis

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Etape 5

au cours 2 phases

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Etape 6

Dernières formalités
et prenez la route

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Enjoy this freedom and enjoy driving alone!

2-Phase Courses

Congratulations, you received the license on trial for 3 years!


Can we drink a drink while driving with a test permit?

No. Warning ! Prohibition on the consumption of alcohol.


Can I drive abroad with the license on a trial basis?

Yes, it's a "real" license. It is recognized on the same basis as Swiss permits of unlimited duration.


Why the license on trial?

The trial permits were considered to reduce the number of accidents that occurred in the first 3 years.


What does the trial mean?

New drivers are no longer accompanied while driving, but have to take 2-phase training courses (2 days). They are suspended in the sense that they are always subject to the prohibition of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Furthermore, if they commit an offense during the 3 probationary years and their license is withdrawn, the period "on trial" is extended by one year

If, on the other hand, they commit a second offense leading to a license withdrawal from the categories and sub-categories, their test license is simply canceled.

They no longer have the right to drive for all other categories, no longer separately if the automobile service excludes them. A new application for a permit may be made under the conditions imposed by the motor vehicle service. However, the driver's license will not be issued until one year after the offense has been committed and only after a psychiatric assessment.


Am I obliged to take 2-phase courses?

Not if :


These courses are mandatory for all student license applications made after December 1, 2005). The probation period can be verified at any time by looking under the number (4b) of the license.


If you already hold an A or B license for an unlimited period, you will also receive your other categories with an unlimited license. What

means that you will be dispensed from doing the 2 phases. Only the special categories (F, G and M) escape the formation in two phases.


If yes :

You do not fall into the previous category and are therefore a holder of a probationary license over a probationary period of 3 years.


How do 2 courses work?

Complementary training is provided in groups of six to twelve people. Groups are composed either of category A "motorcycles" or of category B "light car". Participants who have licensed A and B can choose which group they want to take this additional training because the content of the course focuses on one or the other of these two categories.


The first day of the course is designed to improve participants' ability to anticipate and avoid unsafe traffic situations.


The second day of the course is designed to refine participants' awareness of their own abilities, to optimize their perception of traffic and to promote a courteous and environmentally friendly behavior.


After the first day of the course, the organizer is obliged to give the participant the application form and to attest his participation in the course. On the second day of the course, the participant will bring this document in order to receive the second certificate.


Where do the courses "2 phases"?


CFR Savigny (2-phase training center) Link by clicking there.

It is between Lausanne and Chexbres in the highlands. (Exit Chexbres)


L-2 Valais at St-Maurice Link by clicking there.



TCS Cossonay or Lausanne Link by clicking there.




Do you have to have a car to follow the 2 phase courses?


For the first day, each participant must have a vehicle, or make sure that the center can rent you one

The second day you will do the exercises on the cars of the center 2 phases.


Go to their website to see if there are any special actions at the right time!

Indeed, the price indications on the websites can change according to the period, the day of the week and a grouped registration with friends.


If you have not done your "2 Phases" course for 3 years after your successful practical exam?


You will not be able to obtain your license of unlimited duration.


If you have a small delay in the courses "2 phases"?


You no longer have the right to drive and have to start the whole process again. However, under certain conditions, the motor vehicle service can grant you an additional period of 3 months and issue a driving license valid only for the two days of the course, on presentation of the certificate confirming the registration. After this period, it will not be possible to obtain your license of unlimited duration, and you will have to re-file a new application of license .../p>


There is an obligation to follow two days of 2-phase courses within 3 years to obtain an unlimited license.

2 days of 8 hours of lessons

In principle the candidate takes the additional training with his own vehicle. The course organizer can put vehicles at their disposal.


What happens if I commit an offense during the 3-year probationary period ?


If you have a 1st withdrawal, your probationary period will be extended by 1 year (4 years instead of the 3 years envisaged) and the 2nd offense the driving license will be withdrawn and it will have to start all over from the beginning.


What is the cancellation of the license on a trial basis?

You must reapply to the SAN, which will rely on the expertise of a psychologist attesting your fitness for driving to hand over to you no earlier than one year after the offense. A new driver's license will be issued to you after completing the training course and passing the driving test..


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