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Learning the Theory

What is the price?

The Montreux driving school helps you to revise your theory, but above all to understand!

Successfully complete your theory exam with tailor-made individual coaching!

Theory 1h

  • 50 frs


Possibility to ask theory questions during the hours or by what's app 

  • free


We will be pleased to answer your questions and raise your doubts!


In the shops:


At Conforama:

FahrSchule for permits F, M, G at the price of


At Fust :

e.drivewith book, application and simulation driving 3D cat. B, A, A1, M, F, G at the price of CHf 59.90FahrSchule

e.driver pour cat. C, CE, C1-D1, D, DE at the price of CHf 99.90

Applications of theory for smatphones are also available (approved ASA)


At Médiamarkt Aigle :

MofaDriver Cat. M CHf 35.95.-

TraktorDriver Cat. F, G CHf 35.95.-

Fahrschule Cat. M, F, G CHf 39.95.- Cat. A1, A, B the CD+ appl. CHf 59.95.-

Easydriver Cat. A1, A, B, the CD + vidéo CHf 59.95.- Cat. A1, A, B, Book + CD, CHf 69.95 Cat. A1, A, B, the USB + appl. CHf 69.95.-

e.driver Cat. A1, A, B, Virtual book, appl. Mobil, 3D simulation.

Fahrschule Cat. M, F, G, A1, A, B, le CD + theory book 79.95.-


e.driver truck Cat. D1, DE, D, C1, CE, C, CHf 99.95.-

easytrucker Cat. C, CE, D, DE, the CD + vidéo CHf 129.95.-



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